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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  March 17, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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the spring home event is happening now. from classic to contemporary, havertys. it recognizes pedestriansligent driand alerts you.ems. warns you about incoming cross-traffic. cameras and radar detect dangers you don't. and it can even stop by itself. so in this crash test, one thing's missing: a crash. the 2016 e-class. now receive up to a $3,000 spring bonus on the e350 sport sedan. all new at 11:00, allegations of sexual assault on the campus of a prestigious d.c. school. what we're learning from the report filed just 24 hours ago. also new tonight, the virginia man accused of join
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why he says he fled the terror group in northern iraq. and keeping the streets safe on st. patrick's day. we're live at a dui checkpoint in a popular spot for partiers. new allegations tonight that a student was sexually assaulted on the campus of an elite d.c. school. good evening, i'm doreen gentzler. >> and i'm jim handly. according to a police report, it happened yesterday afternoon at sidwell friends. news4's jackie bensen got hold of that report and is live in northwest d.c. jackie? >> reporter: jim, this is the police report, the version that is made available by law to the public. now, it has all identifying information removed, but the allegations in it are very disturbing. d.c. police confirm they are investigating a report made yesterday by a student at the northwest d.c. campus k
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friends. she claims she was forced to have sex by another student, both said to be in their late teens, on school property. the report does not specify where, some time after school. the report notes that the two students "are known to each other and have had a previous sexual relationship." the alleged crime was reported to police some hours later close to 11:00 that night. now, just a short time ago, we received a statement from ellis turner, who carries the title associate head of school, and it reads, "it is the longstanding policy of sidwell friends school to cooperate fully with any law enforcement investigation. it is also our policy not to comment on such investigations." now, "the new york times" once referred to sidwell friends as the harvard of d.c. public schools. it has educated the children of several u.s. presidents, including the daughters
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live in northwest, jackie bensen, news4. here at the live desk, u.s. officials say a man from fairfax county could be a gold mine of intelligence against isis. he's believed to be the first american to join the terror group in iraq and then surrender in the field. >> my family is from palestine. i was born in virginia. i was raised in virginia. >> this is an interview on kurdish tv with a manicured stan 24 says is mohammed jamal qhweis. intelligence officials say he could have valuable insight as far as how isis brings people into the country, recruits and trains. the young man in the video says he met a man last year who linked him up with an isis recrueltier, but after air month in iraq, he soured on their ideology. >> i made a bad decision to go with the girl and go to mosul. at the time,
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to go because i wasn't thinking straight. that's when i decided i needed to escape. >> now, earlier this week, news4 went to his home in the alexandria area where his family says he's not involved with terrorists. he is 26 years old and graduated from eddinson high school. the man in the video goes into details on meeting foreign recruits and their daily routine. chris lawrence at the live desk. new at 11:00, a man is dead after a medical emergency on a metro train tonight. metro's still trying to figure out exactly what happened but tells news4 the man was taken off a blue line train here at the foggy bottom station, then pronounced dead at nearby gw hospital. metro says there was no sign of foul play. service was impacted for just a short time. today we learn that metro's new general manager was prepared to walk away from the job if the
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plan. insiders tell news4 that's how dead set paul wiedefeld was about shutting down the system for safety checks yesterday. wiedefeld told our adam tuss it was the right decision and trains shouldn't have been running under the conditions metro crews found. wiedefeld also opened the door to more shutdowns, something riders support, if necessary. >> i would hope they would try to schedule more work maybe on the weekends, but yeah, i definitely prefer to be safe than sorry. >> i think the new general manager is taking efforts to show that he's a tough guy and wants to make it better. >> sources tell news4 the metro board did support wiedefeld's plan to shut down the system 100%. another day of mild march weather coming our way before we really begin to cool down. doug's here with the latest on our weekend snow chances. doug? >> yeah, jim, we have seen a steady decrease in temperatures the last couple days. yesterday 74 degr
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degrees, tomorrow another step down and then a pretty big drop as we head into the weekend. taking a look at the numbers today, 69 in d.c., 63 up towards hagerstown, 74 in richmond. so, the warmer air just being pushed out. here's the air tomorrow. highs in pittsburgh 60 degrees. we're going to be around that 60-degree mark for most of us tomorrow. mild and breezy friday, cooler temperatures, if not colder temperatures, for the weekend. and yes, we're still talking about that weekend snow. looking at the best information, i have the best timing for you and who has the best chance for accumulation in a few minutes. >> doug, thank you. right now, there are a number of dui checkpoints going on all over our region to keep drivers safe as they head home on this st. patrick's day. one of them on a stretch of road that's seen its share of deadly crashes in the last few years. news4's shomari stone live along route 1 in college park near the university of maryland college campus. >> reporter: good evening, jim. prince georg
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them, seeing if they are driving under the influence. you can see this driver stop right here and the officers look in their eyes and see what's going on, and then they will let them go, depending on what they see in their investigation. now, police say that this is all a part of keeping the roads safe. >> be safe. >> thank you. >> reporter: prince george's county police want to make sure everyone gets home on st. patrick's day night. >> obviously, it's a holiday known for alcohol, and we'd like to remind and keep our community safe and remind people of making good choices. >> hold up! stop! >> reporter: police stop and question drivers on route 1 at this dui checkpoint near the university of maryland. officers tell me over the past five years, more than 800 people were killed in the state in dui crashes. >> i want you to point your toe out. >> reporter: they tell drivers to walk heel to toe, they do eye tests, or stand on one leg. prosecutors like laura barden
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more hands-on experience. she's taking part in a three-day dui program at the university. >> this is a great way to learn how checkpoints are to be done legally. we have to prosecute checkpoint dui arrests. so, it's not something we see every day, so it's great to see it before we have to prosecute it. >> reporter: this checkpoint hits close to home for some of these men and women. they remember the recent death of 24-year-old montgomery county officer noah lee yaciota. a suspected drunk driver hit and killed him. >> when we put our uniform on, we certainly understand there is a risk associated with it and we are putting our safety on the line. >> reporter: and tonight, sober ride is offering free taxi service up to $30 for people who are under the influence. that phone number is 1-800-200-taxi. on route 1 near the university of maryland, i'm shomari stone, news4. >> thank you. and shomari, the law named for officer liota is
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to putting the brakes on drunk driving in maryland. it passed the house tuesday and came up for a first reading in the state senate yesterday. the law would put ignition interlock devices on the cars of all first-time drunk drivers. next week, friends and family will gather to remember the prince george's county police officer killed in the station attack over the weekend. the family of police officer jacai colson is requesting the events remain private. one viewing will be next thursday in beltsville and the second at the first baptist church of glenarden in upper marlboro on friday, followed by a memorial service at the church. officer colson's funeral will be monday, march 28th, in his home state of pennsylvania. we have new video tonight of a high-dollar robbery in montgomery county. check it out, two guys managing to crack open this safe and steal $57,000 worth of cell phones. it happened yesterday morning here at a sprint store on conic
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hill. they just pried the safe open with a crowbar. investigators think these same guys hit another sprint location in beltsville. if you have any information, police want to hear from you. the national zoo's american trail is expected to reopen tomorrow after an explosion there late this morning. zoo officials say a contractor was working in a mechanical room when he smelled chlorine. he left the area, and then there was a loud bang. there was no smoke or fire, no injuries to people or animals. the cause of this still under investigation. the d.c. city council is still, still in its chambers at this hour, hearing testimony from the public on mayor muriel bowser's plan to help homeless families in the district. it's the council's first and only public hearing on this proposal to close the crowded and rundown d.c. general hospital and create new shelters in every ward. it would cost some $300
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but cost isn't the only concern. location for ward 5's shelter is concerning to many who say it's no place for families. >> surrounded by railroad tracks, nightclubs, a strip club, trash transfer station, paint spray booths and medical marijuana facilities. >> there is also outrage in ward 3 over cost and safety, but the mayor believes d.c. general is the most concerning, housing over 250 families in poor conditions. a vote is scheduled for next month. today a frederick, maryland, man was sentenced to life in prison for killing his 21-month-old daughter. frankie williams pleaded guilty in january to the first-degree murder of his daughter, aniyah. she was killed in 2014, a few weeks after returning to her parents from foster care. this case prompted aniah's law in maryland, which is designed to give more protection to children being returned to us
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aniah's mother, stephany ramirez, is serving a 20-year sentence for failing to prevent the assault. a mother accused of change her disabled son to the bed with the doors and windows locked. >> she's just trying to protect her son. >> next at 11:00, family and friends come to her defense. what police say she should have done if she was having so much trouble. plus, a new warning for parents about the risk of accidental poisoning, why so many children are being rushed to the emergency room every day. and we're on eagle watch down at the national arboretum. the first two offinets workinggl
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in "news 4 your health" tonight, word that a child is rushed to the emergency room every nine minutes because they got into medicine they shouldn't be taking. that's according to a new report from safe kids worldwide, a d.c.-based non-profit group. it amounts to about 160 kids every day. most find the medicine on the floor, in a purse, or just sitting out on a counter. nearly 60% of adults take at least one prescription drug, and almost 80% use over-the-counter medicines. experts say controlling your children's access is key to making sure it doesn't happen to them. tonight we're hearing from a relative and a friend of a woodbridge mother accused of child neglect. police tell us paulette weston chained her teenage son to his bed and boarded his bedroom windows. star weston
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brother was born with spina bifida and relies on a wheelchair because he's paralyzed from the knees down, but in recent months, he's been leaving home, sometimes climbing out a window and going off without his wheelchair. >> everybody believes my mom is a monster. she's not a monster. she just tried to help my brother out, tried to keep him in the house, one to keep from harming himself. >> earlier this week, a therapist working with another child in this house contacted child protective services, who called police. police say there are better options for parents in similar situations, including organizations like the arc. paulette weston faces felony child neglect and abduction charges. some of you may be keeping an eye on the national arbore m arboretum's eagle cam tonight as we anxiously await the arrival of two eaglets. you're looking at a live stream of the nest right now. early tonight we got a few glimpses of that cracked egg a
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eaglet works to get out. experts say it is tough work and gave us an idea of what the eaglet will look like. >> it's a tough exercise. so, finally, when it does happen, they will be exhausted. they look kind of like little dinosaurs, almost, and they're very wet and weak and tired, but they're cared for by the adults. this pair should be very good parents. >> the second eaglet should hatch in the next few days. we're told the babies should make their first flight some time around june, and the parents could likely return to use the same nest -- get this -- for the next 15 to 25 years. >> oh, my goodness! >> that's incredible. >> that's a tough egg shell, though. >> it is. and mostly, she's just sitting on the eggs, so -- >> exactly, move out of the way! >> we're anxious to see some action. >> and the mother and father, this is the time they get into their first fight because the father's saying let him go, let him
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saying. >> i wouldn't be coming out tonight. it's a bit nippy out there. >> well, you don't want to come out on sunday with a chance of showers. it could be rain and snow showers across the area. we were talking about this last night, if the first one comes out tomorrow, sunshine, beautiful weather. the other one could be born two days later with snowfall. that's the kind of temperatures that we see here in the month of march. that's what we've got, the battle of the seasons here in march, between winter and spring. right now still springlike, very springlike, 57 degrees, winds out of the northwest at 6 miles per hour. a very nice night all across the region. temperatures will fall but not all that much tonight. so, again tomorrow morning a pretty nice start. down to 49 martinsburg, fredericksburg at 48 degrees. waldorf, la plata coming in right now around 49. so, a very nice night tonight, not much in the way of rain. we saw a few showers this afternoon. there are still a few to the west but these will die as they move to the east. if they don't, don't be surprised to see just a little sprinkle. that's really all we've seen today. cold air just up to the
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south. severe weather down there toward the south. for us, we're going to be watching our next storm system. it's coming saturday into sunday. winter returns, for shurks this weekend, and it may start -- the rain may start as early as saturday afternoon now. some of the latest computer models giving us a little bit more rain on saturday, but it will eventually change to snow in some parts of the area. this is going to be the classic rain-snow line. where are you? where's that rain-snow line? what are you going to see? well, as the area of low pressure moves up, it will develop, and there will be some big snows for new england. for us, i'm not too worried about this system. it's tracking -- we will track a coastal system. snow is looking likely for most parts of the area, but not expecting a big impact. one, it's a sunday. two, i think the roads will be okay. so, again, i'm not too worried about this storm. here we are on saturday, 11:00 a.m. around noon, no problems right on through 1:00, 2:00, but then by 6:00, 7:00, the latest computer model's giving us some rain by this time. watch what happens as
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around the d.c. metro area and points south, and here comes the snow back to the west. and with this computer model it now brings that rain-snow line right down towards washington. all rain down towards southern maryland, all rain in quantico. frederick, martinsburg, gaithersburg, maybe all snow saturday night into sunday morning, and right through noon, here is the rain-snow line, so it will shift. that means everybody north of the line won't see much. best chance for accumulating snow will be to our north and west. chuck bell will have the latest for you early tomorrow morning, so tune in for that, then i'll be back with our latest snowfall map, put one out tomorrow afternoon. 50 on your saturday. there's that sunshine -- or rather, sunday. only a 70% chance -- or rather, a big 70% chance of rain or snow. highs in the upper 30s to around 40. 43 on monday. and then the eaglets get some great weather next wednesday and thursday. 68 wednesday, 74 next thursday. >> and we've got to keep
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how this could affect the cherry blossoms, too. >> they may have to push that back a little bit, again. >> okay. thank you, doug. coming up, why the terps think they've turned a page after a tough road into the ncaa tourney. >> we've got sports up next, but first, here's jimmy fallon. >> hey, guys! clive owen is my guest tonight! plus,e have w
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>> announcer: this is the "xfinity sports desk," brought to you by xfinity.
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what happened today. >> a lot of teams, a lot of five seeds went down today. >> purdue! >> yes, baylor. i'm sure the terps are watching for that. today was not a great day to be the five seed in the ncaa tournament. baylor and purdue fell to their opponents. maryland take the floor tomorrow. the pressure, the tension, everything building that much more given the outcomes of today's games. as carol maloney explains, the terps are ready for all challenges come tomorrow. >> reporter: 2,500 miles away from home, the terps are right where they want to be. >> we're happy to be in this moment. no matter what happens, we're happy to be here, and we're just going to compete. we feel like we've got a run in us. >> this is my last ride, you know. i'm just focusing on just going out there every night now and just playing as hard as i can, because you know, any given night could be my last. >> reporter: so much pressure for a team once a favorite to win it all, which is why today's practice session started with a
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half-court shoot-out. >> we know we have business to take care of, but at the same time, it doesn't hurt to have a little fun. so, you know, it's great being here in the ncaa tournament, and it's always a good time. >> after yesterday, i felt pretty good shooting the ball, feel locked in. i'm just ready. >> reporter: second straight tournament trip, and everyone feels more comfortable, including the man with the plan. >> i think we're playing better than we've played in a long time. that's been our goal. our guys feel good about themselves. i know exactly how i need to coach this team now. i kept -- late in the year, we were struggling. i tried different things to figure some things out, and now i feel like i know exactly how to coach this team. >> reporter: no better time to figure it all out than from the beginning of the madness. from inside spokane arena, carol maloney, news4 sports. >> thanks, carol. let's go out to denver now. the biggest upset of the night, the university of arkansas little rock taking on purdue. late in the second half, little rock std
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run. >> what? >> that is josh higgins deep from three. the game-tying three that would force overtime. and a second overtime. higgins, nice little jump shot there. he had 31 points. it's now a one-point game. purdue looking to win it at the buzzer, but how about this? johnny hill slips -- >> oh, no foul! >> -- loses his balance. yeah, no foul there. 12th-seeded little rock beats the 5th-seeded boilermakers 85-83. meanwhile, other upsets, yale knocked off baylor, 79-75. the local interest, virginia topped hampton 81-45. >> wow. >> cavaliers head coach tony bennett collapsed on the sideline in the first half of the game, suffering from dehydration. he did return, though, for the second half and says he's doing much better. to the association now. the wizards in philadelphia. sixers fans would rather take selfies than watch this debacle of a basketball team. fourth quarter, wizards led by as many as 24, but the sixers came back. th
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and here he finds garrett temple for the finish. temple had ten points tonight. later on, wall starting to widen that lead for the wiz kids. here he knocks down the jump shot. he's had his fourth triple-double of the season. the wizards win their third straight game. they take down the philadelphia 76ers by a final score of 99-94. good to see the wizards. >> frustrating to watch them, though when they lose that big lead. >> yes. >> to the sixers. >> to the you can't predict the market. >> to the sixers. >> to the but through good times and bad... t. rowe price... ...we've helped our investors stay confident for over 75 years. call us or your advisor.
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[ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- clive owen, nia vardalos,


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